Code Overview

In addition to the Delphi Epidata API server code, we have a number of user-oriented code packages, such as API clients and time-series modeling for epidemiology. All source code is freely available on GitHub.

API and clients


The core server code for the Delphi Epidata API.


R client for the Delphi Epidata API. It allows you to cache queries locally to speed up data access and seamlessly integrate pulling from our API into your pipelines.

Epidatpy (WIP)

A work-in-progress Python client for the Delphi Epidata API. Not yet recommended for production, but we are happy to receive feedback!


Introduction to Epidemiological Forecasting: Delphi Tools, Data, and Lessons

An introduction to epidemiological forecasting using our tools: epiprocess and epipredict.


A collection of data structures and methods for handling epidemiological data. The major features are:


A framework for building epidata pipelines involving transformation and forecasting. It is designed to work smoothly with epiprocess and provides a simple interface for defining and running forecasting workflows. It supports:

Deprecated Packages


A collection of R and Python packages for accessing and analyzing data from the Delphi COVIDcast API.


R package that implements several methods for epidemiological forecasting empirical bayes (EB), basis regression (BR), and time-weighted kernel density estimation (twkde).


Python utility package for handling dates and locations.